As human beings, we can’t help but live by our emotions. We might like to think that we can leave our personal problems and concerns at the office door, but rarely does it work like that.

That’s why organisations of all sizes need to prioritise employee wellbeing – not only could it improve the happiness of your employees, it could very well improve the business itself.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) should find it easier to implement employee wellbeing strategies than their larger counterparts, and then ensure that it remains in place as the organisation grows.

So, what is troubling UK workers right now?

According to Neyber’s 2017 DNA of Financial Wellbeing study, which surveyed over 10,000 employees and 500 employers, UK workers’ greatest concern is their finances, as stated by a third of respondents. Next on the list of greatest concerns was health (29%), followed by a good work / life balance (28%).

The employers questioned were asked what they think are workers’ biggest worries, with work / life balance (43%), workload (40%) and career development (38%) topping the list – suggesting some disparity between employees’ actual and perceived concerns.

Meanwhile, three in ten (29%) UK employees say that they are unhappy with their career, and more than a quarter say they were not happy with their physical health, both of which can have a considerable impact on wellbeing.

The good news is that things appear to moving in the right direction. A fifth of employers (22%) say that improving or developing the employee benefits package is a priority for them. The survey also demonstrated how employers are starting to make a link between financial well-being and productivity. They have begun to recognise that staff will struggle to focus when they have financial worries, which impacts both their behaviour and job performance.

The next step for SMEs, then, could be to sit down with employees to get a feel for their concerns. Even just showing a willing ear could prove significant – it’s shows a willingness to understand and share the feelings of your employees.

Here at Agnentis Partners, we’re great believers in empathy. As author Daniel H. Pink says: empathy makes the world a better place. Just think what it could do for your business.