Creating The Family Sponge - Raymond Holt

The Family Sponge Of Your Own Victoria Sponge!

How many of you would like your family to be more involved in your business? Or understand more about what you and your business actually do and provide? 

This is called building a ‘business with your family’ and not a ‘family business’. 

In this article, I’m sharing the three key ingredients to ‘Creating The Family Sponge of your own Victoria Sponge!

The way to start this in conversation with your family is to create your family sponge.

‘The first part of building and baking your own Victoria Sponge’.

Creating The Family Sponge



If you haven’t heard of this concept from me before I urge you to check out my YouTube videos.

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This is how I work with my clients and how you can engage your family to build the Family Sponge of your own Victoria Sponge.

How many of you have felt the pain and frustration of being misunderstood by your families when it comes to connecting your family and business together?

What would it be like if you could communicate and share with your family about your business? And have your family engaged in what you are looking to build?

By identifying these three key ingredients, you can engage your family to build the business that you both desire. 

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The first ingredients in your family Sponge are what makes us unique and what do we believe and who are we?

By understanding who we are first and foremost as a family with the special unique flavour and special unique essence to creating our own Family Sponge 


Family and business - Raymond Holt

The second ingredient in creating your own Family Sponge is what’s our main goal?

  • What are our dreams?
  • Our aspirations?
  • What is it that we want to achieve?

Because by combining that with the first set of ingredient’s of who we are and what makes us unique, we start to shape what the family sponge is actually going to look like.


Business foundations Happy family Fortune Aligned goals Guilt free Raymond Holt

The third ingredient for making our own Family Sponge is how are we going to do this?

Each family is typically unique in the way they make decisions and the way they operate together.  How families come together through their roles and responsibilities to enable the goals to be achieved is in their DNA.

By bringing the family goals and who we are in terms of being unique and how we go about achieving those goals and objectives, dreams and aspirations. We create through three key special ingredients unique to us as a family, ‘Our own Family Sponge’.


My extra tip here is…… It’s About Team Work!

In isolation, we are able as individuals to come up with what we believe is important to us as a family and what makes us unique and how we operate.

But the most engaging way, like any form of cooking, is to engage our families and talk to them and have their input to actually create a more unique and even richer Family Sponge.

Please see below a PDF designed to help you create your own Victoria Sponge along with some additional resources to understand the Victoria Sponge methodology and how it will help you, your family and your business.

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