In this article, I’m going to share the six characteristics that, I believe, make up a strong family and a great business.

Additionally, I’ll also share the key takeaways – things for you to consider, review and take action on – for each one. 


  1. Show Appreciation

The first characteristic of a strong family and a great business is they both show appreciation and attention. 

If we think about it from a family perspective:

  • positive language, 
  • love and care, 
  • looking out for each other, 
  • being there when we need each other.

It’s exactly the same in a great business where:

  • people support each other, 
  • understand each other, 
  • look to help each other.

Not only when times are challenging, but also to achieve great things!


Support and Care

The key takeaway for showing appreciation is that camaraderie – love and support. When we are loved and we support each other, we can achieve so much more than being on our own and isolated. 

Create an environment where appreciation and the right amount of attention are provided to each other!

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  1. Strong Commitment

The second characteristic is a strong commitment to each other.

But it’s more than just appreciation and understanding. It’s rallying together, being together, working together, building together – being committed and supporting one another on the journey that’s ahead of us.

That’s the same process – families through good times and bad, but also in business – when we work together closely, we can achieve great things! 


Love and Support

The key takeaway for showing commitment to each other is to create a structure where there’s a commitment to both family and business. A unity between the two, where bringing one into the other enables both to be successful – bringing unity with family and business. 

A strong commitment between the two is so important because it enables us to achieve that balance – creating a fulfilling life and how to have freedom. 

When you focus on one without the other. there’s a disconnect – leading to pain and anguish. Bringing the two together, in a unified purpose, creates the fulfilment we are looking for as business owners, parents and families.


  1. Spend Time Together

Characteristic number three is to spend time together and making time for the important things. 

Now, from a business perspective, that can be strategic away days, product launches – all of those things – and for the family, it can be the kid’s parents evenings. But the principle remains the same – create time for those things that are most important in life. 

By doing so, we spend our time and energy in a way that we get the best return. Engage and enjoy ourselves and have so much fun when we work together for a way of actually spending time on what matters most to us.


Be Intentional

The key takeaway of spending time together is to be intentional about it! 

Make sure it’s what you do – for me I value time with my family most.

Relationships are like gardens – left unattended they’ll be covered in weeds. And when covered in weeds, friction grows – you can’t see the beauty of the flowers growing there. It’s important to be intentional and to weed the garden!


  1. Manage Stress

The fourth characteristic shared between strong families and great businesses is the ability to manage stress and challenges in difficult times.

Making sure that we look after each other and understand each other. No one is immune. As we’ve found out over the last nine months – no one’s immune from challenging times.

But great families and businesses – we find our way through it. Not just cope, but also manage and come out the other end stronger. 


Just Be

The key here is to be together, to work together, to talk together and to have the kind of communication that we all need during difficult times. Ensuring that we’re always looking after each other and making sure that we’re OK.


  1. Purposeful Communication

Characteristic number five is purposeful communication, not just talking – but actually listening!

Having a framework and a structure for how we’re going to talk about things. 

Great businesses have board meetings, weekly meetings and strategic away days and families have over dinner conversations. Strong families find a way to create a structure by which they talk openly and honestly. 

A framework that works for them – it might be after the kids go to bed on a Sunday night or it could be going for a walk in the park at lunchtime.

But strong families find a way to keep the communication going in a positive, engaging, respectful and loving way. Businesses do the same! They just call it a more formal structure of board meetings and management meetings.


Keep It Light

The key takeaway around communication is to keep the mood light as well!

Communication can be quite formal, but it’s important we have some fun with it and that we actually create a structure that works for you all.  

Strong Family Great Business - Raymond Holt - Together - Appreciation - Commitment - YouTube

  1. Spiritual Wellbeing

Characteristic number six revolves around the spiritual well-being of great businesses. 

Strong families have core values, standards, a set of beliefs that they live to and work to – that they share and are comfortable sharing – because it says: 

  • This is who we are 
  • This is what we believe
  • This is, at our heart, what matters most to us


Be You – Share Who You Are And Be Comfortable With Who You Are 

The key takeaway here, I believe, is to be you, share who you are, be comfortable with who you are – as a family, as a business owner, as an individual and as a business. 

We are all unique. We all have our own ways of being – be confident and proud of who we are!


Over To You!

Having shared six characteristics of a strong family and great business, here’s one important thing to remember!

It’s not a case of doing one, then do two and onto three – they’re not numbered in an order like that. 

The key thing here is – what resonates with you? Which ones resonate first? 

Action them in any order that you want – because the most important thing is we just get started to bring those kinds of characteristics into both our families and our businesses. To make them both together be as strong as they can be.


Please let me know your thoughts.

Which characteristics of a strong family and a great business that stand out for you?

What action steps you’ve taken?

Add them in the comments of the linked video to this article – it’d be great to hear from you.

Strong Family Great Business - Raymond Holt - Together - Appreciation - Commitment - YouTube

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